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Salted Monkey is a vibrant and innovative brand that encapsulates the sense of creativity and daringness of its creators. With a mission to bring happiness through their one-of-a-kind apparel collection, Salted Monkey embodies a free spirited approach of fun and originality in everything they create. Through their distinctive designs and adventurous approach, Salted Monkey aims to inspire individuals to embrace their unique style and spread joy wherever they go.


The brand was born from a transformative experience on a 2,200 nautical miles voyage, where the founders were enveloped in the ocean's salt at each new port. With each passage bringing the crew closer together and creating unforgettable memories at every destination. This sense of adventure, camaraderie, and joy inspired the birth of our brand, reflecting the spirit of exploration and shared experiences that define our unique maritime identity.This immersion in the sea's essence ignited a spark of excitment that would define the core values of Salted Monkey: a celebration of journeys, fun, and creativity. The brand encompasses a ethos of adventure and curiosity, inviting others to embrace the journey alongside them.


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